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ThirdEye Clinical Program

Third eye insight into business problems to resolve them through systematic clinical approach

Problem Analysis

Conduct prilimanary & detailed analysis of business model including the goal settings and various strategies.

diagnosis(Health Checkup)

Conduct various levels of diagnosis steps to detect the problems or areas of improvement. We use standard tools and procedures to conduct the diagnosys process and tests.

Prescription & Application

Prescribe right steps towards correcting the problems or applying right measures to scale up. We also help the business to systematically apply the corrective steps mentioned in the prescription.

Support & Monitoring

Closely monitor various indicators to ensure if the measures are applied correctly and if further fine tuning is required.

About Us

Business Process consulting firm which serves Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) across globe

Our team, head quartered in Bangalore, India and services offered across various industrial locations across India and abroad. We are a group of accomplished business consultants experienced in different industrial verticals. Heavily focused on efficient business practices which are both tangible and achievable. We help business owners and managers identify the fundamental value drivers in their business. Our service then facilitates the implementation of performance improvements.

We are well placed to provide support to companies operating in a variety of different industries. Our team is highly experienced, with a background in process and finance performance management. We help business to derive tailored and actionable plans to improve profitability and drive business revenue. Our proven process is well-defined, results focused & most importantly, achievable.

Our health check is ideal if you're:

  • Into manufacturing business
  • Into distribution business
  • Into retail chain business
  • Striving to achieve next level growth in turnover and productivity
  • Not able to access and manage business centrally and remotely
  • Frustrated by lack of progress and poor performance of staff
  • Finding that your business is running you
  • Spending all your time working in your business and not on your business

Frequently Asked Questions

A clinical approach and program to systematically study your business problems or areas of improvements to help your organization to scale up, gain efficiency and compentency, achieve sustainable growth, revenue and success. We conduct diagnosis steps to detect the issues to prescribe the solutions. Hence the solutions will to be effective, measurable and achievable.
Similar to human health checkup we help your organization to assess your business processes, strategies, goals and models. This is to ensure that your business is going in the right direction. This is also a preventive mechanism to avoid anomalies, misconduct, inefficiency in your business. This can bring you higher growth and efficiency in long run.
We closely work with business to apply the solutions in right way and time. We have mechanism to monitor the level of applications of various measures. We do join work with your management team to ensure those measures and make sure that information is shared among all shareholders, so that you will be aware of the timely improvements.
We do conduct prilimanary analysis of the business. We use standard tools and techniques to assess the business models and data. We will have further interactions with business team to plan the corrective actions. We also support the organizations to apply the solutions in systematic way. We have mechanism to monitor the business improvements during this process. We also fine tune measures unti the business able to achieve the desired result.

Our Expertises

Business Processes
Sales Fullfillment
Marketing & Business Development
Production, Operation & Logistics
Finance & Legal
People & HR
  • We had problems with our sales and delivery time, hence loss of business. Now we are able to overcome the heavy competitions by applying process improvement steps prescribed by the experts. Our process efficiency has improved and people became more productive.
    Mr. Deepak
    CEO, Vibgyor Decor, Bangalore
  • We had problems managing our workforce and sales fulfillment. With the proactive steps applied with the help of experts here, now we are able to achieve the business goals and higher revenue.
    Mr. Nithin
    MAC Sales

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About Us

Business Process consulting firm which serves Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs) across globe

Phone: +91 9745092902, +91 7025122546

Email: contact@thirdeyebizconsulting.com